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2023 ISSA Awards Nominee for 5 Awards

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Last month (March) I found out I was performing at the after party for The International Singer songwriter awards in Atlanta Georgia

I found out yesterday I'm also nominated for 5 different awards.

This makes 2 award shows I'll be performing at and nominated to this year! It means so much to me I can't even tell you in words...

One of the songs nominated is a Collaboration with the incredible Jimi Bell ... Lead guitarist of the Iconic band House of Lords ... Who was also in the film Light of Day with Joan Jett and toured with her.. He is Currently the lead guitarist for the 80s rock band Autograph.

We have co written several songs and our very 1st to be released is already up for an award.. We are over the moon excited!!

The Duo is a song I wrote that I brought my drummer David Lee Rickard on as a duet partner and it is Awesome...

So grateful ~ Alena Rae

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