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9 Nominations @ Red Carpet Awards in The Netherlands (August)

OMGOODNESS! I'm up for 9 nominations at the Red Carpet Awards in August being held in The Netherland! I've also been asked to perform at the ceremony..

  • Best Pop Country song of the year! For my song (I Can Love Anyone)..

  • Female Vocalist of the year!

  • Entertainer of the Year!

  • Best cover of the year for my remake of (The Look)

  • Best Original Song

  • Best Christmas Song (My little hometown Christmas)

  • Song of year and vocal (We Are One)

Most appreciated artist of the year!! I'm completely BLOWN away and in shock!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO THE NETHERLANDS FOR THIS!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOO Grateful and thankful I don't even know what to say.. I seriously might cry if I Win.. Thank you to everyone who has supported my music.. I love you ~ Alena Rae

Today has been an absolutely crazy wild day!!!!

I woke up early even though staying up very late which I rarely do..

I didn't really feel like doing much and was walking around in a fog until after lunch..

I thought I'd maybe even take a nap So I went to the house and laid down on my sofa and my phone started going off the hook with notifications and beeps from messenger.. text email etc..

I was blown away to get the word that I have been nominated for THE INTERNATIONAL RED CARPET AWARDS in The Netherlands!!!

I'll be flying over in mid August to be there in person for the event!! It is going to be the time of my life!!! I AM SO SO GRATEFUL !!!

To do what you love is one thing but to be rewarded and commended for it by the Industry professionals is another!!!

Tonight I am feeling so blessed..

Have a great night everyone!

~ Alena Rae

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